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Admissions Counselors

We can't wait to meet you!

We want to make coming to UW-Eau Claire an easy and convenient experience for you. No matter what kind of future Blugold you are, we can help you with your questions and needs. Find out more about our counselors and feel free to contact them through the information below.

  • Gunther Carpenter

    Gunther Carpenter

    • Admissions Counselor

    Works primarily with freshmen from Southcentral and Southwestern Wisconsin

    "Helping students find opportunities for growth and success in the Blugold community is the best part of my job."


  • Jayke Meyers

    Jayke Meyers

    • Admissions Counselor

    Works primarily with freshmen from the Twin Cities area

    "I've always had a passion for helping others, and with my position I get to fulfill that passion every day by helping students start and continue their journey at UW-Eau Claire."

  • Jackie Nevarez

    Jackie Nevarez

    • Admissions Counselor

    Works primarily with freshmen from states other than Wisconsin and Minnesota

    "Guiding prospective Blugolds through the application process and showing them how they fit in within the UW-Eau Claire community is my mission."

  • Nick Schultz

    Nick Schultz

    • Admissions Counselor

    Works primarily with freshmen from Northwestern Wisconsin and students interested in UWEC--Barron County

  • Sarah Stackhouse

    Sarah Stackhouse

    • Admissions Counselor

    Works primarily with international students

    "My utmost passion is empowering people from around the world to pursue their educational dreams and helping them discover the best version of themselves through the holistic opportunities at UWEC and within the wider community. "

  • Susan Vang

    Susan Vang

    • Admissions Counselor

    Works primarily with multicultural students and freshmen from Southeastern Wisconsin

    "Nothing brings me more joy than watching students seek their passion and strive for their goals. I am inspired by students every day as they aspire to chase the opportunities that are available to them as Blugolds."

  • Matthew Lewellen

    Matthew Lewellen

    • Transfer Admissions Counselor

    Works primarily with transfer students

    "Although the transfer process may seem daunting, it is very easy. My purpose is to demystify that process and make a difference in the lives of the students I work with."

  • Jose Quintana

    Jose Quintana

    • Outreach Coordinator

    Works primarily with freshmen from Northcentral Wisconsin and Northern/Southern Minnesota

    “There is nothing more rewarding than being in a position that allows me to make a difference in people's lives. I have reached success through opportunities provided to me, and now I am able to do the same for others.”

  • Isabel Walters

    Isabel Walters

    • Assistant Director

    Works primarily with freshmen from the Chippewa Valley, home schooled students, nontraditional students, and military veterans

    "The best part of my job is helping prospective students of all educational backgrounds achieve their goals and discover their place in the wonderful UW-Eau Claire community."

  • Joey Bohl

    Joey Bohl

    • Associate Director

    Works primarily with residency and residency reviews; technology and application processing management

    "The best part of my job is helping students and parents navigate the new and sometimes complicated world of admission applications. It is rewarding to help students from the start of an application to actually see them register for classes."

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