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UW-Eau Claire’s pre-professional study programs prepare you to transfer to another institution for the completion of a professional degree, or prepare you for graduate study after obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Pre-Engineering is not a major, however students work with advisors in the Physics department on their program plan. The specific requirements of professional schools vary considerably so you should obtain current catalogs from the schools in which you are interested. A pre-professional adviser at UW-Eau Claire will then help you plan an appropriate curriculum.

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The physics and astronomy department was instrumental in my development and helped to prepare me for what I would experience in my future career. I walked away with many friendships—not only classmates, but many of the professors and other staff. I am grateful for the time I spent at UWEC.

Gregory McGill, dual degree engineering, 3M Control Systems

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Physics + Astronomy
Phillips Science Hall 230
101 Roosevelt Avenue

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Prepared for success

Each pre-engineering student is assigned a faculty adviser from the UW-Eau Claire Physics and Astronomy department (or Chemistry department for chemical engineering). These advisers provide individualized attention to students and are available to answer questions about engineering programs, courses and other concerns. They also have up-to-date information on the admission requirements of regional engineering schools.

Placement into professional programs. The following are the engineering programs and schools chosen by our students in the past:

  • Aerospace: University of Minnesota (option within Engineering Mechanics)
  • Astronautics: UW-Madison (option within Engineering Mechanics) and University of Minnesota
  • Biomedical: UW-Madison and University of Minnesota
  • Chemical: UW-Madison and University of Minnesota
  • Civil: UW-Madison, UW-Platteville, UW-Milwaukee and University of Minnesota
  • Electrical: UW-Madison, UW-Platteville, UW-Milwaukee and University of Minnesota
  • Engineering Mechanics: UW-Madison
  • Geological: UW-Madison and University of Minnesota
  • Industrial: UW-Madison and UW-Platteville
  • Materials Science: UW-Madison
  • Mechanical: UW-Madison, UW-Platteville, UW-Milwaukee and University of Minnesota
  • Metallurgical: UW-Madison
  • Nuclear: UW-Madison

Why UW-Eau Claire

Rankings / Reputation / Well-funded programs

The strong reputation of the Physics program attracts many top students from throughout the Midwest, which means you will share classrooms with motivated students who are ready to take on challenging projects. On average UW-Eau Claire’s pre-engineering students perform better academically at UW-Madison than those from any other Pre-Engineering program in the state. In recent years, most students from UW-Eau Claire maintained their grade point averages after transferring to UW-Madison.

Innovative Facilities

Physics students have access to outstanding facilities, such as the Materials Science Center, Casey Observatory, an optics research lab, surface science research labs, thinfilm research lab, electron microscopy lab, electronics lab, machine shop and a 24-inch computer-controlled telescope at Hobbs Observatory. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in summer research experiences at prestigious sites throughout the country.

Program Options

The UW-Eau Claire Pre-Engineering program usually consists of four semesters involving beginning science and math courses and basic intro courses that all schools require, such as English composition and general education courses. You will typically take between 15 and 17 credits per semester, so at the end of four semesters you will have approximately 64 college credits. At that time, you will transfer to an engineering school to finish the specialized course work required to obtain a degree in your chosen engineering field.

Physics-Engineering Dual Degree program

UW-Eau Claire’s dual degree program allows students to earn two bachelor’s degrees — a physics degree from UW-Eau Claire and an engineering degree from either UW-Madison or the University of Minnesota. Students spend approximately three years at UW-Eau Claire and then approximately another two years at either UW-Madison or the University of Minnesota. For more information about creating an appropriate degree plan for this program, contact the dual degree academic adviser via the contact listed at the top of this page.

Special Admission Guidelines

Admission Requirements:

  • Each engineering program at a given school will have a minimum grade point average requirement for students interested in transferring. Students should contact their adviser to be aware of current standards in a program at a particular school.
  • Most engineering schools have English requirements. An exemption examination is available at UW-Madison and the University of Minnesota in which a student can test out of the English requirement.
  • General education requirements vary from one engineering school to another and among the engineering programs themselves. Students may consult with their advisers to ensure the engineering program they plan to attend after leaving UW-Eau Claire will accept a particular course.

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Academic Program Sheets
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