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Watershed Institute Offerings

A meaningful degree choice - or complement another major

Pursuing studies in the Watershed Institute means you are joining a group of dedicated and passionate students and faculty from across various disciplines. Our focus on sustainability, the environment, and public health connects us all in a collaborative effort to make a positive impact in our community and beyond. The courses supporting Watershed Institute programs both within the Watershed Institute and those of affiliated faculty across campus offer a great deal of hands-on, real world experience for our students.

Many of these courses integrate a wide array of educational experiences that directly affect the health and sustainability of human and environmental communities.

We are a watershed of knowledge

The Watershed Institute is fortunate to have a dedicated group of core faculty members along with a large cohort of affiliated faculty from across campus to give our students a broad range of knowledge in various subject areas, including Art & Design, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communication & Journalism, English, Economics, Geography & Anthropology, Geology, Honors, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Psychology, and Physics. Our team of faculty is a sort of "watershed" in themselves – a large geographic unit, incorporating many different areas of study and disciplines.

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Options for your degree

The Watershed Institute at UWEC offers a majors and two minors focused in the areas of public health and environmental studies preparing students to be successful and make important contributions in a variety of careers and graduate school opportunities!

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Other great options to study the environment

The following departments have majors focused on environmental sciences: Environmental Biology and Ecology, Environmental Geography, and Geology, Environmental Science emphasis. Check out what each of these areas has to offer you!

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