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Watershed Institute

Quality education — in and out of the classroom

The Watershed Institute offers students highly impactful experiences to complement classroom concepts across fields related to the environment, sustainability and human health. Our faculty of distinguished scholars works closely with students, mentoring them through research, internships, civic engagement, and international and domestic travel-study experiences to provide them with the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to be successful in their chosen fields.

Pursuing a major or minor in the Watershed Institute allows you to meaningfully participate in current environmental and health issues that our local communities and society at large are facing, here and around the world –to make a difference in both human and ecological communities throughout your undergraduate degree and into your career.

Watershed Institute degree and minor options

Within the Watershed Institute, you can pursue an Environmental Public Health major, or one of two environmentally themed minors to complement another major: Environmental Science or Environment, Society & Culture. Each has a somewhat different focus but provides you with the same great learning experience. These programs all enable you to be a part improving the health of human and ecological communities! One of the great things about the Environment, Society & Culture minor option is that many of its courses also qualify for GE or LE credits, making it a great addition to almost any major without increasing your time to graduation! Check out what each of our major and minors have to offer you.


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